Celebrating 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland

This best-selling, much-loved children’s book was first published 150 years ago, in 1895 – and its literary endurance is testament to the sheer whimsy, creativity and oddball antics contained within the novel.


I received a gorgeously illustrated copy from Pan Macmillan for review –  and while I find that the tale wasn’t quite as magical for me now as it was when I was a child, it was still a delight to experience the story all over again. I certainly remember the book as being one of my childhood favourites!

There have been a number of literary retellings throughout the years, but I find that nothing can hold a candle to the original.

In terms of movie adaptions, meanwhile, I wasn’t particularly blown away by the most recent Alice film by Tim Burton, but I absolutely adored the futuristic 2009 Syfy series starring Caterina Scorsone and Andrew Lee-Potts as Alice and Hatter respectively. (If you haven’t watched it, do check it out!)


While intended as a children’s story, the prose certainly has some rather dark undertones. Furthermore, there are some philosophical nuggets hidden within the writing that certainly provide some food for thought upon further reflection.

Here’s to the next 150 years of Alice and her adventures!

Dear readers, are you a fan of this particular tale? Are there any adaptions that have stood out for you?

Free copy received from Pan Macmillan SA in exchange for an honest review. 


6 thoughts on “Celebrating 150 Years of Alice in Wonderland

    1. The story definitely has some rather freaky elements, I will admit. It’s nightmare material, in a way! But yeah, it’s certainly an enduring tale, and the fact that it’s lasted 150 years already is a real testament!


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