5 Reasons to Read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard


It’s one of the most hyped books in the blogosphere at the moment – I haven’t been able to log onto my Twitter account without seeing mentions of it plastered everywhere. But it’s a rare thing for a YA book to live up to the hype as much as Truthwitch has – I’ve seen overwhelmingly positive reviews from so many readers and reviewers. You can see my review for the sampler here – instead of repeating myself here for my overall thoughts on the full book, I’m just going to leave you with 5 short and sweet reasons to read it – in case you’ve been living under a proverbial rock or require a little bit of convincing…

truthwitch map1. Maps. Y’all love maps. (Image credit: Maxime Plasse/Torforgeblog.com)

2. Female friendship. The author wrote in the acknowledgements that friendship can be just as exciting, if not more so, to read about than romance, and she does a sterling job in showcasing that here.

3. Two female leads. What’s better than woman power? DOUBLE WOMAN POWER! This sets up some very interesting dynamics for events down the line. One cannot have too many lady heroes.

4. Worldbuilding. It can be a tad confusing and/or overwhelming at times, especially with regards to the geography and the people, but the magic system was certainly interesting. I want to know more about those pesky void and aether witches.

5. Alliances and subterfuge. Just when you think person X is on one side, BAM – things are revealed. Kept me on my toes.


Massive thanks to PanMacmillan SA for sending me an ARC of this shiny book. 


10 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Read Truthwitch by Susan Dennard

  1. This just makes me want to read it even more! It seems as if all my favorite blogs have gotten ARC’s for it and are all squealing with delight about it! I am dying to read this book! After Queen of Shadows was drowning in hype I knew I had to try Throne Of Glass, and I am so glad I did!! I love it! Truthwitch sounds like it will have similar results with me, I will probably love it too!


  2. Just put Truthwitch on my TBR list for 2016 – everyone has been raving about it recently! It does seem like one of those fantasies in which the world building gets confusing, but I’m definitely even more interested after this review! 😀

    Love your blog, just gave you a follow!


  3. Well, I’m sold! As soon as I’m done with The Sandman Omnibus, I’ll try it out. Because it’s true that this book is everywhere lately!


  4. I tried to get a review copy of this book but I never could get one, oh well! I’ll be buying it in my next book order, most likely. So glad you loved it! Thanks for assuring me I’ll probably love it too:-)


  5. You had me at maps! I’ve been dying to read this but I can’t find a copy here in my country :/ But still, I’m super pumped for this book. I can’t wait to read about their journey and friendship. Awesome post 🙂


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