Review: 300 Things I Hope – Iain S. Thomas & Carla Kreuser

300 things i hopeFrom the creator of I Wrote This For You, comes a collection of 300 things that the author, Iain S. Thomas, and artist, Carla Kreuser, truly and sincerely hope for you – from hoping that you always have a pen, to hoping that you’re never lonely, and everything in-between. This collection of hope will move you and remind you of what’s important in life as you live it. Or at least, that’s what they hope. 

Rating: 4/5

I was first curious about this book because of its local connection to me – both the author and the illustrator live in Cape Town. Which is very cool, yes? I’ve also come to appreciate comics, illustrated books and the like a lot more these days, with a better eye for art that can really complement the words and bring them to life.

300 Things I Hope is technically a chapbook – simple poetry and prose accompanied by line drawings. It’s also makes for a wonderful gift book, with hopes and wishes ranging from the humorous to the mundane and the profound.


Some favourites include:

  • I hope you are never hated for what you look like, sound like, or where you believe we all come from.
  • I hope you die knowing that there was no end to the road, and that the road was all there ever was, and that all that mattered was how well you walked each individual step of it.

  • I hope you never lose your shoes and if you do, I hope you find better ones and I hope they fit, perfectly.
  • I hope one day you develop a one-person art experience that involves you singing, dancing, writing and painting, all at the same time.
  • I hope you never feel like you’re drifting through time.
  • I hope you discover the freedom that exists beyond despair, when you realise how little everything matters.
  • I hope you learn the difference between giving up and changing direction.
  • I hope you read the books you love reading and that reading never feels like hard work.
  • I hope that if someone stops to help you change a tyre, they’re about as far from a serial killer as you can get.

It’s a book to give you someone you love or care about. It’s a book, quite frankly, that can just as easily be a gift to yourself, a gift of self-care. It’s a gem of 300 important reminders, no matter how silly or serious.

Free copy received from publisher in exchange for an honest review. 


4 thoughts on “Review: 300 Things I Hope – Iain S. Thomas & Carla Kreuser

  1. Aww, this sounds beautiful and very heartwarming! I love those snippet sentences you included. SUCH IMPORTANT AND NICE THINGS. 🙂


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