I ordered my first book box…and I liked it!

Ahem. So many of you UK/US/AUS book people have a great choice of subscription book boxes to choose from – I frequently see unboxings on Tumblr and Instagram and it always makes me rather envious. Being in South Africa, the exchange rates for these are brutal, even if they do ship internationally, and then things tend to sit in customs for around three months. So all in all, not a particularly worthwhile experience.

BUT. Recently I found out about the first South African book box service, courtesy of a friend on Facebook. And I was suitably intrigued. Two things convinced me to order – 1. I was fairly certain about which book it was, and it was one I had been wanting to get anyway, and 2. I had just fractured my foot and was feeling very sorry for myself – i.e. treats were required.

πŸ“š My @thebcase box has arrived! #bookstagam #bookmail

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The unpacking was ever-so intriguing…

But whatever can be inside…? @thebcase #bookstagram #bookmail

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I greedily opened everything in the office…and then re-examined everything when I got home.

In case you didn’t guess, it was a circus theme, relating to the much-hyped Caraval. My lovely box was promptly delivered, and arrived to much fanfare on my part!

I think everyone adores bookish goodies – it’s like a literary treasure box. And while I can’t afford to sign up for one every month, I’ll definitely be treating myself every now and then, especially when there’s a theme that appeals to me.

So, my lovelies, do you have a regular subscription to something like this? What’s the nicest treasure you’ve received? I was quite taken with the stripy socks in the jar! And the popcorn, which totally got me through the last hour of my working day.


6 thoughts on “I ordered my first book box…and I liked it!

  1. This is very cool! I subscribed to a book box for a few months but I thought it was very pricey so I stopped. But it was really fun while I was getting them. I loved the mystery:-)


  2. I’m glad you found a book box! I don’t subscribe to any, unfortunately. Even with the options I have, I find many of them to be too expensive, and book taste is so subjective so I didn’t want to risk getting something I wouldn’t read πŸ™‚


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