Two mini romance reviews: Bring the Heat – GA Aiken & The Demon Prince – Ann Aguirre

Hi all! I’m slowly adjusting to life in Sweden – and got my membership card to the really lovely local library, which has, to its credit – an English language section, and an indoor fountain. You can follow my personal instagram if you want to see scenery pics and the like, and I also have a bookstagram for those who enjoy book quotes, library-type pictures and whatever else it is we book lovers share on there!

Now, time for some romance reads, because we haven’t had any of those for a while.

Bring the Heat (Dragon Kin #9)  – G.A. Aiken

bring the heatHE SAYS . . .
I, Aidan the Divine, am . . . well, divine. My name was given to me by the Dragon Queen herself! I’m a delight! Cheerful. Charming. And a mighty warrior who is extremely handsome, with a very large and well-hidden hoard of gold. I am also royal-born, despite the fact that most in my family are horrendous beings who don’t deserve to live. And yet, Branwen the Awful—a low-born, no less—either tells me to shut up or, worse, ignores me completely.

SHE SAYS . . .
I’ll admit, I ignore Aidan the Divine because it annoys him. A lot. But we have so much to do right now, I can’t worry about why he keeps staring at me, or why he always sits so close, or why he keeps looking at me like he’s thinking about kissing me. We have our nations to save and no time for such bloody foolishness . . . no matter how good Aidan looks or how long his spiked tail is. Because if we’re going to win this war before it destroys everything we love, we’ll have to face our enemies together, side by side and without distractions. But if we make it out alive, who knows what the future will hold . . . 

Rating: 4/5

This series is like crack to me. Both in its addictiveness, and in the sheer over-the-top antics. Listen, don’t use it as a model for your own real-life relationships – there’s a lot of hitting people over the head or tossing them off mountains and the like. But it’s the exaggerated nature of the banter and interactions, both between the main pairing and the giant clan of relatives and friends they belong to, which make it so much fun. Furthermore, even though there is a romance pairing in each book, the plot arc has been developed really well all the way through the series. Things have gotten more and more dire in each installment, despite the comedy, and I’m interested to see how many more books there will be, and how everything will end up resolved. It’s highly entertaining, with some great insults, and the cast of characters have become like familiar friends – it’s great getting to see how they have matured (or not!) in the time jumps between the books.

Free copy received from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. 

The Demon Prince (Ars Numina #2) – Ann Aguirre

the demon princeCharming. Irreverent. Haunted.
Alastor Vega is the sole challenger in a brutal battle for succession. Against all odds, he must stop his power-mad brother, Tycho, before he destroys the Numina. Though he never wanted to rule, he must claim the throne and liberate his people, or the consequences will be calamitous. Yet only the surprising support of a beautiful Animari doctor gives him the fortitude to fight.

Focused. Analytical. Solitary.
Dr. Sheyla Halek has always been more interested in research than personal contact, but family ties—and the needs of her pride—keep her in Ash Valley, deferring her dreams. Brusque and abrasive at the best of times, she never expected to bond with anyone, let alone Golgoth royalty. Strangely, Alastor seems to need her as no one has before, and not only for her medical skills.

Their attraction is forbidden, likely doomed beyond the wildness of wartime, but these fires burn too hot and sweet to be contained…

Rating: 4/5

I’m quite surprised that this series has flown under the radar for the most part, because Aguirre is such a prolific author. I can only assume it’s because she’s self-publishing these. Anyway, if you enjoy paranormal romance, then I’d definitely recommend getting stuck into this one. I’m a sucker for forced cooperation between groups in the face of a greater threat, and that’s the backdrop for the worldbuilding in the series. The author also switches up some of the traditional m/f dynamics rather nicely, and the main pairing are both delightful in their own ways. Swoony and entertaining, with rational characters who generally communicate and act like adults instead of creating unnecessary drama – this was a good pick from me!

Sheyla had always been mildly baffled by the urge to shackle yourself to the same person for a lifetime, and while she wouldn’t go as far as to say she got the concept now, it was looking less like voluntary incarceration all the time. 


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